Steve Bourgeois

Steve Bourgeois can be seen around town painting en plein air. This technique imparts an immediacy to his paintings through the heightened contrast of light and shade and color values.  He paints in a rapid loose manner to capture the elusive quality of the day. The same holds true for his figurative portraits, accomplished in an “impressionist” style. A native Louisianian, he currently lives and maintains his studio in Gonzales.  He studied at the Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy and New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, as well as numerous workshops with the foremost artists in the country.  He began his professional career in 1989, and takes great pride in his versatility. An accomplished portrait artist, he is equally skilled in urban studies, landscape, still life and figural painting, as well as large-scale murals. As one critic sums up Bourgeois’ style of painting, “What magic! Loose, talking colors clearly describing the old hometown, not bothering to go into great detail about things. Select poets can also do this with a just few words.”

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