About the Gallery

Gallery 600 Julia New Orleans
Gallery 600 Julia

The Gallery is housed in the historic Julia Row, an 1832 building  listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings in the New Orleans Arts District. Gallery 600 Julia’s exhibitions of Louisiana art acquaint the public with the importance of the regional school in landscape and architectural subjects.  Dr. Saward was formerly on the History of Art faculty of Newcomb College, Tulane University, and author of several books and articles about Louisiana art.

Every month the Gallery mounts a new exhibition of art, both solo and group shows, and opens its doors to an Art Walk the first Saturday evening of the month. The shows spotlight Louisiana landscape and culture and celebrate that which is unique to the city of New Orleans. Come and meet the artists and enjoy the feast for the eyes!

Click here for a 3d View of the gallery  by David A. Eberly LLC