Stephanie Reed

New Orleans artist Stephanie Reed recreates moments from her lived experience with a loving kindness and even-handed fidelity to form.

I studied visual arts at both Brown and RISD in college and went on to earn an M.F.A. from the Maine College of Art in 2008. I moved New Orleans the summer of 2010, and I’ve been smitten with it ever since.

My paintings are primarily made with oils, often mixed with a cold wax medium that allows me to achieve a thick texture and build up of palette knife strokes. The subject matter of my paintings represents a range of imagery associated with on New Orleans themes. Much of my painting work engages with the idea of personal and cultural roots of location being created and accreted through physically travelled routes, whether they are second lines, bike trails, or river transportation. My painting style is in dialog with the notion of art as a product of both a literal and cultural dérive. And what better place to wander within than New Orleans!

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