Marne Meynig

Now living in Sunset, Louisiana, Meynig grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast where he spent every summer at the beach, drawing and painting.  Essentially self-taught, he has been inspired to paint his entire life by “nearby landscape, birds and sunlight”.

An acrylic painter, his art has a freshness and immediacy, a light-handed translation of Southwest Louisiana landscape. “I focus on the wildlife, marshes, swamps and the colorful people and towns.  I try to capture the beauty of everyday life that is around me and share it through my art.”

His paintings are filled with harmonious rhythms and light. Nature is painted in a distinctive style, which, on occasion, recalls the art of the Anderson Brothers, especially James “Mac” McConnell. Accompanying a stylization of form, they utilized recurrent motifs as decorative elements in the depiction of nature. Meynig similarly incorporates patterns, whether realistic, geometric or stylized, into many of his compositions.  Lately, he has been exploring a brighter color palette, which makes his paintings “pop”.