Carol Scott

Carol Scott, with an M.F.A. from the University of New Orleans was on faculty at Holy Cross College, where she taught a wide range of subjects from studio art in painting and sculpture, art history, and Christian iconography to women’s studies. She is a Founding Member of the Louisiana Color Pencil Society Lecture, Demonstrator, Juror for local Art Groups Professional Freelance Artist – creating over 447 works of art and participation in 110 shows both regional and national.

She  first started drawing crystal objects around her house to explore sight and the prismatic effect of color. Looking through a form and seeing how it changes as light goes through the structure multiplies the layers of reality. Crystal is a reflective and refractory surface, which can also distort images seen through or in the crystal, increasing the optical possibilities. A cross between Impressionism and Op Art, I am showing you how to see light and the magical effects of color and movement. I am exploring perception in creating beauty.

Scott displays astonishing control over her signature medium of colored pencil.  Since first experimenting with the medium in 1979, she since has won many national awards, including a prize for Outstanding Recognition at the International Colored Pencil Exhibition. It’s like having the intensity of paint and the control of pencil.  In her newest work, Scott often moves away from the object to represent deconstructed forms in increasingly complex patterns. The designs create an intriguing optical rhythm that borders on abstraction.

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