Current Exhibitions

Gallery 600 Julia features talented Louisiana artists in curated monthly  shows in the front room. With a superior and varied selection of artistic style and technique, the gallery always has an impressive and changing inventory of fine paintings.  Art Walk is hosted by all the galleries in the Arts District in the evening on the first Saturday of each month, usually 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

ART WALK SCHEDULE 2018:  JAN 6: Terry Kenney, Another Side of the Tracks  FEBRUARY: Mardi Gras Group Show , Here Comes the Big Chief with Michelle Dashev  MAR 3: Larry ‘Kip’ Hayes, Cotton Fields Back Home  APR 7: Carol Hallock,  Swamp and Circumstance  MAY 5: Arts District’s  Jammin’ on Julia, Elayne Kuehler  Water, Lifeblood de la Louisiane  JUN 2: Stephanie Reed  JULY 7: Tricentennial Show  AUG 4: Arts District’s White Linen Night, Chuck Broussard  SEPT 1: Adam Hall  OCT 6: Art for Art’s Sake,  William B. Crowell  NOV 3: Diego Larguia  DEC 1: Champagne Sparkle, Linda Lesperance   

JUNE 2, 2018Stephanie Reed, Crescent City Instantiate

New Orleans artist Stephanie Reed recreates moments from her lived experience with a loving kindness and even-handed fidelity to form.

I studied visual arts at both Brown and RISD in college and went on to earn an M.F.A. from the Maine College of Art in 2008. I moved New Orleans the summer of 2010, and I’ve been smitten with it ever since. My paintings are primarily made with oils, often mixed with a cold wax medium that allows me to achieve a thick texture and build up of palette knife strokes. The subject matter of my paintings represent a range of imagery associated with on New Orleans themes. Much of my painting work engages with the idea of personal and cultural roots of location being created and accreted through physically travelled routes, whether they are second lines, bike trails, or river transportation. My painting style is in dialog with the notion of art as a product of both a literal and cultural dérive. And what better place to wander within than New Orleans! A little more on the show name: ‘Instantiate’ as in representing something larger through a specific instance.

In this body of work I’ve been detailing granular subjects and scenes as a means of speaking to the larger reality that is New Orleans – real Indians, specific musicians (most that I personally know), actual people on the street, real bars instead of abstracted or generalized representations of them. I am trying to celebrate what people love about the city with enough clarity and intention to resist caricature. It’s also a nod to my work as a computer programmer. Instantiation is an important coding concept in which you start assigning actual values to your variables.

*Instantiate (v):

1. represent as or by an instance.
2. (of a universal or abstract concept) have an instance;
    be represented by an actual example.


SAMPLE OUT SMALL PLATES!  THE FOOD COURT   Miniature Paintings of New Orleans Favorite Food and Dining Experiences ….no painting larger than 8 x 8 inches!