Current Exhibitions

Gallery 600 Julia features talented Louisiana artists in curated monthly  shows in the front room. With a superior and varied selection of artistic style and technique, the gallery always has an impressive and changing inventory of fine paintings.  Art Walk is hosted by all the galleries in the Arts District in the evening on the first Saturday of each month, usually from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

ART WALK SCHEDULE 2018:  DEC 1: Champagne Sparkle, Linda Lesperance, Songs, Sounds and Secondlines   

PREVIEW: ART WALK SCHEDULE 2019:  Jan 5: Carol Hallock, Swamp and Circumstance Too  Feb 2: Cheryl Anne Grace, Revelry  March No Art WalkGroup Show, Beads and Circuses, Mardi Gras: Mar 5   Apr 6: Mickey Asche  May 4: Jammin’ on Julia, Larry “Kip” Hayes June 1: Steve Bourgeois July 6: Linda Lesperance  Aug 3: White Linen Night, Will Smith,  Atchafalaya  Sept 7 Stephanie Reed  Oct 5 Art for Art’s Sake, William B. Crowell  Nov 2 Charles G. Smith  Dec 7 Champagne Sparkle, Carol Scott

JUNE 2, 2018Stephanie Reed, Crescent City Instantiate Please see her art under Visiting Artists

DECEMBER 1, 2018: Linda Lesperance,  Song, Sounds and Secondlines

New Orleans, one of the world’s greatest melting pots, is home to so many kinds of music: some rooted in African beats, some birthed by gospel; some influenced by “field dollars” and blues from the Delta and still others the direct descendants of European, classical music. In our city, though, these sounds are blended together to form some of the most creative music on the planet.  It’s the people who live here who have made music such an important part of everyday life and it’s the love and passion that is the inspiration for my paintings. Without the people and the music I would not be able to paint any of this subject matter, So, it is to these people and these musicians that I dedicate my work and only hope that my paintings can bring the same smiles as the actual music does for me.

The New Orleans artist captures the beauty and dignity of the human figure in her visual narratives of life in the South. She began her career in New York City as a portraitist and was selected by the prestigious, and then all-male, Salmagundi Club for an award in this subject. After pursuing journalism and public relations in the East, she moved to New Orleans to reconnect with painting on a full-time basis. Her media is usually oil, chosen for its transparency and richness.

I usually begin with a photograph, but I am really concerned with sharing my inner vision of the subject matter, rather than a line for line, color for color representation. To me it is always more important to interpret what I feel when I look at something instead of what is obvious to the viewer.


SAMPLE OUT SMALL PLATES!  THE FOOD COURT   Small Paintings of New Orleans Favorite Food and Dining Experiences ….Catch your favorite oyster shucker at Pascal Manales or server at Cafe du Monde!