Tommy Yow

Tommy Yow Artist and his “Pop Art” styled canvases capture 1960’s New Orleans with an eye to the landmark sights and sounds. He presents a rich, almost photographic, melange with his own personal signature – those omnipresent canines with their own sly humor! Yow often identifies his colorful nostalgic subjects with a wry graffiti commentary, which appears on everything from T-shirts to streetcar signage.

He came to New Orleans in the late 1970’s after traveling the Arts and Crafts Show Circuit. His art studies include Forsythe Institute, Winston Salem, North Carolina; New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts with Dell Weller and private study with Bob Graham. Yow also studied in New York at the Art Students League and with Daniel Greene. He was one of those veteran artists hanging on the fence in Jackson Square, when art was still the main attraction.

…I studied extensively long ago, but one day I decided to just paint instinctively what I really feel best about when I see my finished product…..even though I may violate “art rules” sometimes, I try to never think about what I “should do” and simply do what I like to see…….I can only hope that this will lead me to eventually create whatever it is that will be unique to me (?)……..thankfully enough people have liked to own some of my works to keep me surviving over the years up to now… that I’m older and not planning for a distant “future”, I hope to think more extensively on each piece and spend even more effort on creations that will simply be the very best that I can produce at that moment in time (of course, never so far reaching anywhere near a feeling of perfection or total satisfaction)…

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